First posting…. the hardest is to start!

This is my first step into the blogging world, and hopefully it won’t be the last… I’ve been “pushed” into this new adventure mainly and directly by my dear friend and business partner Laura, and indirectly by all my friends – recent or old friends – who along the years I’ve been sharing my passion for health and nutrition with. It all started at a young age with the passion for food and flavors, smells of fresh and colorful ingredients just picked in my neighbor’s veggie garden – tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, apricots, to name a few, or in the fields and woods nearby our neighborhood – thyme, rosemary, pine nuts, almonds… First dish was preparing salad dressing with my grandmother, and pretty fast it grew into a love for cooking healthy flavorful foods for my family and friends […] Well so many many years after that first salad dressing, here I am starting a blog about nutrition and willing to share my little experience of yoga and Ayurveda. Where do I go next…? Well that will probably be “to bed”, leaving endless possibilities for tomorrow, after a good night sleep and a refreshed inspiration!