Ginger Properties and Recipe

Ginger and Kapha

Ginger breaks up congestion, improves circulation and burns ama (toxins). For congestion on the back of the throat make a syrup with ginger juice, honey, turmeric and black pepper. Slowly lick over fifteen minutes. Repeat up to three times a day. For kapha type nausea in the stomach or burping due to excess mucous a slice of ginger is useful.

Ginger is one of the three ingredients in the famous Ayurvedic formula trikatu. The other two are black pepper and pippali. Ginger with trikatu burns excess kapha in the lungs.

Ginger and Vata

Volatile oils in ginger increase motility in the gastrointestinal tract. Robert Svoboda reports that ginger awakens tastes buds, gets juices flowing, and purifies the mouth. Ginger is a ‘sialogogue’ stimulating the production of saliva.

Ginger, Salt, and Lime before or after a meal stimulates digestion. Ginger with ½ oz of castor oil is a home remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. Ginger with ghee helps in osteoarthritis.

Ginger and Pitta

One of the amazing qualities of ginger is that it stimulates digestion without aggravating pitta. Fresh ginger is an anti-inflammatory. Dry ginger, however, is pitta provoking due to evaporation of essential oils.

Other Uses

Fresh ginger is an analgesic, sedative, antipyretic and has antibacterial properties. Ginger is a useful food preservative proven to kill the harmful bacteria salmonella. Ginger oil has some anti-cancer properties. Ginger is used in Asia to prevent nausea in pregnant women.

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Ginger Tea for cold weather

This tea has excellent warming mucilaginous properties thanks to ginger and cinnamon. It’s an awesome remedy to counteract the first signs of a cold, sore throat or cough.


Fresh sliced ginger (without the skin)
Cinnamon sticks or powder

*The proportion of ingredients will depend on your taste.

Put the water, ginger and cinnamon to boil in a pot, and then let simmer for a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes. The longest you leave it simmering the stronger the flavor (and believe it can get really “hot and spicy”). Serve in a cup and add the honey to sweeten and for extra healing properties. Enjoy!