From Winter to Spring… transitioning

Transitioning between seasons may be challenging as it can in our personal life. But it can also be exciting and very rewarding, after some storms of uncertainty we come to a place of calm and renewal with new perspectives ahead of us. That’s how I feel about Spring… Noticing the first flower and leaf buds shyly showing up in subbtle delicate colors and shades, and then blossoming to their fullest expression in bright greens, expands joy in my heart and puts a smile on my face. Leaving behind cold and gray days, and stepping out to enjoy the sun, the smell of fresh grass growing back, the singing of the birds, it’s priceless and so valuable to dust off what we’ve been accumulated and holding in, it’s time to get rid of all that “stuff” we don’t need neither don’t want anymore, to open windows and doors literally and inwardly, allowing some fresh air and prana to cleanse and refresh our environment, body and mind. Like seeing the first leaves on the trees, some unexpected and amazing things can happen to us and open new possibilities, when we take the time to pay attention, focus and notice little things starting to change. As we transition, small details make a huge difference on how we feel and how we’re able to handle situations and emotions. It becomes even more important to eat well, to exercise, to take some time to reflect and meditate, and to breathe. Here are some tips for Spring, as we progressively switch from Vata (air, ether) to Kapha (water, earth) season.

Spring tips:

Daily Cup of Yoga:

Here’s an interested adaptogenic ayurvedic herb that can be beneficial to support us through the transition: Ashwagandha -

Be mindful, be joyful, be happy… and please share your thoughts about YOUR “new season”!