Joyful Belly Ayurveda – Facebook and Website

It’s been a while, a looooooong “while” actually since my last posting. So many events and things happening, some more joyful than others, but life is still and always beautiful, and full of surprises, stories and people…which make it so rich and precious! Oh well it would be too long here and now to talk about all this, but I logged in tonight to share a new Ayurveda ressource I recently came accross through a Facebook posting (thank you Alex!). So here it is for you to use and enjoy, to learn a little more about Ayurveda, and about yourself. This is a good start for healing through taking better care of yourself, eating good healthy food and becoming the “Spice Magician” in your own kitchen! Browse the different recipes, explore new flavors and ingredients, share with your friends….Believe me it’s a lot of fun.

Here are the links, and I hope you’ll check it out… then let me know what you think about it!

Wherever you are, may you all have a happy end of Summer, Fall will officially be here in a few days. Prepare to slowly transition from Pitta to Vata season, enjoy and fill-up with the warmth of the last sun of the season, heading towards cooler days, dry and maybe windy in some occasion… very Vata-aggravating for some of us! But this will be another story for my blog, hoping that it won’t take me so long to come back to my “sharing and blogging” experience… OM Shanti