Happy Holiday Season!

As we are experiencing the change of season from fall to winter, and our Vata disturbances can create some turmoil in our lives – both internally in our emotional and physical world, and externally in our relationship to the World , to our jobs and to others – I believe that Daily Om’s thought of the today fits so well in that perspective.

It reminds us how essential it is to be mindful and to closely watch our own tendencies of overdoing, of wanting more, of getting lost in constantly “doing”, instead of “feeling”. We tend to be very harsh on ourselves, pushing ourselves to the limits as to prove to others and our own ego that we can do it. It’s easier to get lost into external stimulation and constantly growing expectations in order to avoid facing our emotions and fears, instead of making a conscious effort towards digging into our inside world to discover who we are truly are…

Giving yourself permission to enjoy the present moment, to stop and watch, to be content with what you have, to make peace with yourself and others, to acknowledge and value what you have achieved, to be connected to your body and spirit and listen to their true needs, require some discipline and effort but it’s sooooooo worth it! There is so much to enjoy along the process, such a feeling of fulfillment and deep joy that help restore and maintain balance and give you the strength and power to achieve anything and more than you could even expect, in an effortless manner.

Things just seem to flow instead of being a struggle and fight against the current. You start attracting what you need when you need it, meeting the right people at the right time, closing deals without much effort – on the contrary, it becomes a natural conclusion to the mindful work you put in it… And ultimately, the best part of it, you get to know and love yourself better, and you open yourself to your own Divinity and connection to the Universe, expressed through the small things in life you’ve started paying attention to…. Enjoy the reading below!

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A Sign of Imbalance – By Daily OM
Overachieving and Overreaching

In general, an overachieving lifestyle is not balanced. What changes can you make to slow down and feel more joy?

Overachievers are people who have achieved but still feel the need to do more, creating an imbalance in their lives. People who exhibit this behavior may be trying to compensate for feelings of insecurity and doubts about their worth. They may be chasing unresolved issues from their past into the present, or they might not be looking at their lives as a whole, but judging themselves based only on one aspect of their being. If this is a word that we’ve heard used with respect to our choices and lifestyle, it is worth examining in order to balance our lives for a more rewarding experience.

If we find that we cannot allow ourselves to experience and enjoy the present moment, putting pleasure off into some distant future, it may be a sign that we are being driven to achieve more than is truly necessary. Pushing ourselves beyond the point of exhaustion, or to the exclusion of important people in our lives, robs us of true and meaningful joy. Once we make the connection to the eternal part of us, it can nourish us and allow our priorities to shift from chasing after an elusive feeling to being fully present in the moment so that we can live our lives in the now.

Sometimes we need to look to those we love and admire in order to realize what we value about life. We can take time to note what we like about others, and then turn the mirror to reflect the light of those same words and feelings toward ourselves. It can be quite a revelation to see ourselves in this nourishing light. When we can put the energy that we’ve been devoting to a phantom sense of achievement into the truly satisfying aspects of our lives, we can restore the balance between our inner and outer worlds and experience true joyful peace.