15 Minute Daily Meditation through the phone at 9:30pm US CST

Happy New Year and Welcome 2011!

Give a new start to your life: Nurture and love your Self as you discover and connect to your True Innerself through meditation. Initiate a wonderful awareness journey… En-JOY!!!

After a few months of sharing the experience of an evening meditation through the phone with my dear friend Joshua, the Meditation Hotline was born on Christmas Eve. We’re very excited to open this sacred space to all, and we invite you to discover the life changing power of a 15 min silent meditation at night to unwind and transition from your daily life into the stillness of the night and eventually the mind… Never done meditation before…? No worries, this is for everyone, no need to be a meditation “pro”. It just takes the first call to start! And we’re here to help and guide if you have doubts or questions. Don’t be shy and come join us, any day or every day!

The “15 minute daily meditation” connects at 9:30 pm, we start promptly at 9:33 PM US CST, and finish at 9:48 pm. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome either right after the call, or by contacting me here or on our Facebook meditation group:


Spread the word, spread the love, spread the awareness!
Instructions to patch into the “meditation room”:
1) Dial number: 724-444-7444
2) Dial ID: 92014 #
3) Dial: 1 #

PS: Remember this is a silent meditation started and finished by three
singing bowl strikes, so don’t be surprised to hear nothing if you patch in when it already started!