30 Day Yogathon

One of the studios I’m teaching at (tsadayoga.com in
Dallas) launched on January 1st for the second time an awesome
initiative to kick off the year: a 30-day Yogathon! The most
difficult thing on my spiritual journey has been to keep the rythm
and discipline on a daily basis… Any tool and any support is a
great help to achieve higher goals, which is why I love this
lifestyle challenge. So here’s the deal, practice asana daily one
way or another, for 10 minutes, for 30 minutes, for 60-90
minutes… Any amount is the right one for you, with the right
intention. Obviously the ideal situation is sharing the challenge
with others at Tsada, and see on the wall as you checkmark day
after day your practice goal achievement, and you see your progress
as well as other’s. But a personal practice at home is totally
great too, and shows you that you can have the discipline on your
own too! So I started the “kick-off” with a 108 Sun Salutations at
Tsada led by Chinook. Amazing energy and people around to motivate
you to keep on going. Day 2: personal practice at home in my
peaceful yoga room…ahhhhhh Just about 10 Sun Salutations after a
restful day, but this is sooo yoga already. Day 3: Wonderful 1:00
pm restorative practice at Tranquilo (www.betranquilo.com) with
Jeff, healing and nurturing. What’s in the schedule for tomorrow..?
Join me at 8:00 am at Tranquilo as I teach my Heart Yoga Flow. And
more to come in the evening… I’ll keep you posted here, as I
progress, evolve and grow in the challenge. Exciting times to come,
looking forward this New Year to bring much blessings to all of us!
Stay connected:)