The Challenge Keeps on Going

[…] Here are my Yogathon updates:

Day 4 – Started my day well by teaching a Heart Flow at Tranquilo. My day was greatly energized and led me, my dear friend and business partner Laura, and my mom, to lunch at Kalachandji, which re-opened yesterday after their annual two week “leave”. Yummy healthy food to feed the body and the soul on a sunny patio ( Closed my yoga day teaching an Ashtanga-inspired flow at Exall Park Recreation Center for Dirt Cheap Yoga.

Day 5 – Guess what happened last night…? Johnny called me to sub for him this morning at 8:30 at Tranquilo… You need to know that Johnny is this tall, athletic, highly energetic guy – on top of the fact he’s sweet, friendly , and charmingly handsome – who feels at his best in the heat of a yoga room, and makes everybody sweat like there’s no tomorrow!

Well I had to step into his “feet”, and started my day with a “5-breaths-hold-the-pose-rule” yoga flow. Great energy, fire building, high stamina, they all sweated, they all were happy, and so was I. It’s fun to get out of my Yin side (restorative, slow, healing, nurturing, calming), to go to the other end of the rainbow – my Yang side (challenging, playful, unexpected, fiery, spicy, sweaty…quite sweaty, sometimes shaky). Between opposites, you find balance, and no matter what the breath flows freely and deeply, preparing the mind to stillness and surrender.

Tomorrow will be Day 6, and here’s a preview of the crazy schedule, teaching three classes in one day!!! ¡Ayyy Mamá!

10 – 11:00 am (Johnny is still out of town)  Tranquilo in Oak Cliff

5:15 – 6:15 pm Tsada Yoga, South Side on Lamar

Here’s the BIG NEWS, I’m launching a new class tomorrow evening:

7:00 – 8:15 pm Fire Yoga Flow at Remedy Spa in Dallas (

You’re invited to join and check out the place. It’s a beautiful location filled up with peaceful healing energy and surrounded by an artsy garden with sculptures and harmonious windchimes.

That’s all folks!