Ayurvedic Morning Routine and Tips – from My Yoga Journal

As Dallas is experiencing a Winter Storm, it reminds me that it’s not easy to be consistent and disciplined daily, sometimes we do need guidance and some motivation/support to get up in the morning. Leaving our cozy warm bed can become a real challenge this time of the year… My cats beg me to stay in bed with them every morning! It’s so tempting!

Let’s give a good start to a new day by following some good tips  – so you don’t even think or doubt about it anymore, read My Yoga Journal insights about a morning routine, and try it out! Let me know how it works for you:

On these cold, dark winter mornings it can be difficult to crawl out of a warm and cozy bed earlier than absolutely necessary. How many times have you thought about waking up early for a sweet asana or meditation session, only to repeatedly hit the snooze button on your alarm when morning actually arrives? Early morning, however, in the peace of dawn and before the day’s distractions can take hold, is the very best time to practice yoga. Extensive practice, while beneficial, is not necessary—a mere 10-minute meditation before you start your day can make all the difference in the world (…)

Complete article: My Yoga Journal — Good Mornings.