Workout according to your Dosha







Personalize Your Workout | by the Himalayan Institute

We are all unique and one thing, one food or one exercise routine can do wonders to one person and get another individual out of balance. The Ayurveda science and preventive medicine system can help us and guide us to make better choices in the way we eat, we exercise, and we handle daily life in general.

This article highlights the features of a general exercise routine based on our predominant dosha (ayurvedic profile). If you don’t know what your own doshic profile is, there are various online quiz to determine yours.

Here are a couple of recommended links:

Life Spa website (Dr. John Douillard official page) –

Joyful Belly –

Get to know yourself to better tailor your needs, and bring balance to your life.

Sarva mangalam!*

*Sanscrit translation: Happiness to everyone.