Love is… Stop searching and be!

…I’ve been searching for the key, digging, trying to understand how and why It comes to Oneself, if we need to deserve it, if there’s a time and place where to find it…. if we should just be content and happy to see a glimpse of it!

Growing within us, and our experiences, feelings and emotions, we’ve been trying hard – too hard – to force it and make it happen as a solution to all troubles and pains. We idealize it through what we feel for others, and we get frustrated and feel abandoned when we think we lost it… But It is here, there, around and within us, powerfully eternal, with no limit of space and time, and constantly expanding to feed us all… We breathe it at all times without even noticing…

It’s not a tool to manipulate, to assess, to reward, to change, to build, to create, to discriminate, to anticipate, to expect, to rationalize, to explain – the list never ends on the perceptions and definitions of It… Love is.

What an Oprah “AHHHHHAAA” moment when you come to realize, it’s always been there and will always be there. And it’s not what you thought it was! Or at least not totally… Of course Love manifests in what I feel for my mom, MF, for my grand-mother Coco, for my sister Mari, for Laura my life partner in so many aspects, for all of YOU my friends, my students, my teachers, for the sea that surrounds this island, for most simple things in life…. for myself, for Him. And Love shows with different expressions, flavors and colors, it comes straight from the unlimited reservoir of my Heart… I love to love.

Though, it’s not an action, not a verb, not a word, not a concept, not a recipe… Love is unlimited, boundless, free, constantly flowing and pulsating like a vast and strong river feeding an Ocean of Creation beyond what the Mind can imagine, but here for everyone and anyone to be simply felt. Voila! so easy right…?

It’s not about you, it’s not about me… IT IS! Oh my God, do you realize then what kind of  things can happen, the possibilities that suddenly open to you!? All kind of synchronicities and blessings coming to you, to us, to All…? Unlimited!!! And you don’t even need a credit card to have access to it!

It’s not rare, it’s not extinct, it’s not exclusive, it’s not fancy, it doesn’t deplenish, it’s never out of batteries, it’s not lost in yesterday, neither hiding from tomorrow, it’s  low in calories – but more energetic than anything else. You can have it NOW, Love is already in you and outside of you, you just need to consciously tap into it like you open a door.

Watch closely because the Gateway to Love is already at your reach, in your Heart and in everything else… Release all Fear, surrender to the Universe and en-JOY.

A special “Thank you” to my teachers, too many to name but a few to write down: Ro Chapa (gracias por todo), Ty and Matt and the Heart Metaphysical School (I think I’ve finally passed the end of course exam, hahaha), to my adopted brother Aji (I’ve learned so much from our relationship), to Yoga and all teachers and Gurus I’ve come across and still am.

A special “Thank you” to you Laura, for the most beautiful business partnership I could ever dream of and for being such a dear and true friend.

A special “Thank you” to Mari, my sister – even though we don’t share the same blood, I couldn’t have a better sister than you.

A VERY special “Merci” to the very expression of Love on Earth in my world, you who brought me to this Life, my sweetest little mom with a HUGE heart: “Maman je t’aime très très fort!” To my dad, to Coco, to Pierre,  and to all my ancestors.

And so many thank you to Chris, Aleida, Mari Carmen, all my friends, Tsada family, my students (Michelle, take a share please, I’ve learned a lot from you too) ALL of YOU who read this message, and those you don’t, who have been and are to be part of my Life.

And thank you to my Gateway, Ray.