Yana Yoga Retreat in the Pines

At the end of March this year, I had the privileged to attend a Mini Yoga Retreat for teachers at a very unique location near Minneola, Texas. Winter is not quite my favorite season, and the Spring was starting blooming in Texas, the fields were green and grassy, the wild flowers were slowly awakening. It was time to take a break away from the town: go reconnect with nature and with myself. I needed a little ME time and that’s exactly when Theresa from Retreat in The Pines invited me along with another 9 teachers, to attend a very special 24 hr gathering at her peaceful haven. 


I had been thinking of organizing a retreat for some time (to be honest, for some years!), and had been looking for the right venue, the right time and the right place. And all these ingredients show up when it’s “meant to be”, right?

Well, here they are. I came back from my little getaway, renewed, refreshed, with a clear mind, and decided more than ever that it was time, and I had found the place to hold the first Yana Yoga Retreat. Not too far away, but far enough to take a real mini vacation away from home. Not too long, so no need to ask permission to your boss to show up, but long enough to recover, chill-ax and breathe deeper.

Other than breathing the air filled with the smell of the pine trees all around, and contemplating the stars and the moon of a summer sky, what else will we do…? Yoga, cooking healthy fresh food, meditating, walking, making friends, and most importantly, we’ll just enjoy Being. For two days, we’ll stop running after the clock, no appointments, no paying bills, no driving, no working, no worrying, no Internet (even though I believe there’s WiFi, but who wants it on a real getaway!), no TV, no radio, just playing and enjoying life, including doing nothing if this is exactly what you need. Mmmmmm… doesn’t it already sound like heaven?

It does to me, and I can’t wait to share this special place in Texas with you:)

For more details about the retreat, come visit us on Facebook at Yana Yoga Sadhana, or click on the link below:

YANA Yoga Summer Retreat with Douchka in Texas