3 Breathing Exercises for a Better Health

3 Breathing Exercises for a Better Health by Yana Shala

3 Breathing Exercises for a Better Health by Yana Shala

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Mastering the breath (Pranayama) is one of the main techniques and tools in Yoga, and personally I believe this is the most powerful tool we have available – at all times – to enhance our health, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Conscious breathing connects us to all parts of ourselves, from most obvious areas to tiny ones: it reaches and affects it all. It also is a reflection of how we feel at times:

– When we are experiencing stress, sorrow, sadness, fear, our breath becomes short and shallow.

-When we experience calm, peace, rest, contentment, our breath is deep and full.

– When our body is tight, or experiences pain, our breath becomes short and hectic.

– When we laugh, smile, experience joy, our breath is full and energizing.

Become aware of your breath by simple taking a moment to observe it. Get familiar with the quality and patterns of our own breath, and then learn how to use it to change our physical, mental and emotional state, is a great start towards a better health overall.

I’m sharing here 3 simple breath exercises to start with your exploration of the vast Breath World! The Transformation Breath was taught to me by Tantric Yoga teacher, Psalm Isadora.