Rachelle’s Bite of Life

A day or so maybe more I don’t ashore
of the warmth of your skin is a distant glimpse of where we have been

Warm memory vaporizing to the sky
leaving with it the salt of my cry

Are you somewhere you have never been?
Ready to begin with the likeness of what you were and how you have to begin again

Lost and uprooted or spinning out of control you will land to find yourself in a tailspin with brand new skin, fresh and bright shaken by your own might that you felt may have not been in your sight

Oh how the sea can provide if only we can float by its side, nesting by and by

Rachelle Bose*
“Who’s Rachelle” in her own words:

This whole thing [http://rachelleskitchen.wordpress.com] started out of a love for culture and a persistent curiosity for people; all sides of them and how we as humans connect.

I had observed from a young age that my own family connected profusion to the meaning of tradition and time around food and how we shared it as a family unit. My heritage and ancestry was something that fascinated me and I wanted to understand the food and people that connected me to where and what I was at that time and today.

I remember how certain dishes brought a sense of comfort and bond to my grandparents on both my maternal and paternal side. But what I am really talking about here goes beyond the food; simple or as complex in preparation as they may be, these things have a connection to my mind, heart and body because of who either made it for me and why, or who shared in the tradition and recipe for making it or lack thereof – recipe that is… It’s about how you “feel” the food you are preparing.

Knowing this begins to convey why I am tying this message. I believe that food and beverage are one of the most inoffensive ways for humans to connect on a level playing field. It brings people together to share, we all must eat in some form to sustain our lives; therefore it is the one bonding unit that we can all share in. I would like to explore this concept of sharing, what sustains us in all of its forms and functions and how then it effects our view on the world that we all interact in together. – Rachelle

My Two Cents:

… To me, Rachelle is an enlightened soul manifested in a beautiful woman, who happened to cross my path a few years ago, and I’m grateful for it as I feel richer to count her among my friends.