Winter Cleanse and Rejuvenation

Opening to an infinity of possibilities into the New Year

Opening to an infinity of possibilities into the New Year

Most of us start the New Year with good resolutions aiming to a change in our life wether it is to be healthier, to learn something new, to find balance, to change jobs, to start a project and/or company, to find ‘the one’ or enhance the relationship with our partner, and so many other things that make us look forward a better year than the previous one.

After the holiday season, and its traditional extra indulgence of senses – including eating yummy foods that we don’t eat the rest of the year, that are rich and comforting – suddenly we might land in our closet, trying on pants that shrunk through the holidays!… And we add then to our top list of resolutions, losing weight.

For others, it’s a digestion realization, we may feel bloated, heavy and sluggish, or suffer from heartburn and/or hyperacidity, not sleeping well, feeling drained or overexcited.

The New Years’ Resolutions have that property of feeling magic; at least for a couple of days, we feel extra motivated and ready to achieve, capable of and even excited about realizing those ideal goals…. And that’s where we give it a bad start. There’s a difference between ideal goals and realistic goals applied to our current lifestyle. Change, unless it’s through major trauma, does not happen immediately, nor within a few days and it usually takes a progression through more than a few months. Change is internal, progressive, and we adapt to change by slowly shaping new habits that support the change.

You may think at this point of the reading that there doesn’t seem to be much hope regarding your new resolutions – we are all impatient and wanting to see fast results! Not necessarily, realistic goals are achievable once you determine what your real needs are towards the bigger picture, your life purpose, and taking one step at a time can definitely take you there. But that will be material for another posting, or several of them.

What brought me to writing on my blog today (and it’s been way too long since last time), is something that can trigger, kickstart and support your goals/resolutions: a cleanse. OK, you’re thinking right now: « cleanse = losing weight = restrictions, starving = suffering…. AHHHHHHHH! Not for me!!! I want to change, lose weight, look fabulous, and achieve my big dreams, but come on I’m not ready for such a drastic method! Maybe in the Spring… (do you recognize here how we tend to procrastinate and send it for later? LOL, I’m guilty of that one too!)

Well, the above is a distorted idea of what a cleanse really is. A good cleanse, helps you drop and get rid of some old stuff stuck into your systems, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally. It provides a safe and cozy haven for you to take care of yourself, by nurturing and nourishing your body, your senses, and your mind. It’s about scraping the old and accumulated unwanted residues, that stagnate and create toxicity, which may have compromised the handling, processing and digestion of life – physically on the gross level, and mentally and emotionally on the subtle/energy level. In Yoga this stagnation or accumulation of ama (toxic residue in Ayurveda) translates into a weakening of Prana, the life force that fuels us and makes us thrive. The cleansing process gives birth to a renewed, energized and rejuvenated being… And the good news, it doesn’t have to be a 21-day Master Cleanse fast (this famous all lemonade fast is definitely not recommended this time of the year, in fall or winter – unless you live on the other side of the planet where it’s summer right now) !

A simple 4-day home cleanse, warm and nourishing, introspective and nurturing, can be the perfect kickstart and boost of energy for you to fly and conquer through the rest of the year. Ayurvedic practitioner and teacher, Dr. John Douillard offers an easy 4-day cleanse program with quite simple ingredients, that you can find locally or online, with 4 food options based on kichari (Indian lentil and rice soup) for which he provides a basic recipe – from the most cleansing monodiet (option 1) to a lighter version (option 4) that includes a broader variety of foods. His Short Home Cleanse plan is free to download (click here:, and provides all the specific ingredients, instructions, the ‘how and why’, and the possibility to buy a couple of supplements from his website or alternate options.

My boyfriend and I started today. We planned about it a couple of days ago, picking and choosing which of the 4 options we would go for (he’s doing Option 1, and I’m doing Option 2). I made a list of the missing items, got them yesterday, and voilà! This morning started our Day 1, with warm spiced ghee and milk – we were a little hesitant for the first sip, but actually it’s not bad at all, quite yummy and creamy I’d say!

The observations, experience and feedback of our cleanse will help me teach, from a very personal and recent perspective, the Winter Tune Up seminar and workshop that I’ll be presenting at Tsada Yoga on January 25th (more details to come here, and on Yana Shala’s website: My intention is to report and share with you our findings during and after the cleanse. Stay tuned, and my warmest wishes of health, wellness, prosperity and love for you and your family and beloved in 2014!