Spring Beet and Farro Salad

Beet and Farro Salad (left) and Massaged Kale (right)

Beet and Farro Salad (left) and Massaged Kale (right)

It’s Spring Time!

After a pretty long and cold winter in Texas (ok, it’s not cold as northern parts of the country, but we’re not used to it!), finally the Spring buds are showing and nature starts awakening to warmer sunny days.

In my kitchen, this translates into less warming and grounding stews, to more texture, colors, a little raw food to combine with cooked vegetables. We’re in the transition between winter veggies (still getting roots from Urban Acres, like beets and sweet potatoes, yams, and turnips) and the Spring tender greens and fresh herbs.

In Ayurveda, we’re experiencing the tricky Vata-Kapha transition that is great for cleansing but can also throw us out of balance if we switch too fast to a drying, light, cleansing Kapha diet.

So, today’s lunch was a warm roasted beets and farro salad with a little bit of massaged kale to close the meal on a bitter tone.

I’ll share today my Beet and Farro Salad recipe, and leave for another time ‘how to massage kale’.

As Ayurvedic nutrition principles recommend, this recipe includes all 6 flavors in one dish, which makes it a complete meal if there’s not time to prepare other side dishes.


(serves 3 -4 people, depending if it’s the main dish or a side)

1/2 cup  farro, cooked and warm

1/2 cup green (French) lentils, cooked and warm

2 medium-sized roasted and peeled beets, cut in cubes

1/4 cup cut arame pre-soaked in cold water, and drained

a few leaves of small mustard greens

1/4 cup fresh green onion minced (the green part)

minced parsley

fresh lemon thyme, a few leaves  slightly rubbed (optional)


1/4 tsp  fresh ginger, grated

1/2 tsp coconut aminos

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 tbsp brown rice vinegar

1/4 tsp toasted sesame oil

3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

Salt and black pepper to taste


Combine all ingredients in a salad bowl. Whisk the dressing ingredients in a small bowl, and add to the salad bowl mixing it well with all the ingredients.