My story



[…] My first meals involved fresh garden tomatoes, Spanish tortillas

and rice yellowed by saffron, seasoned with the laughter and
love of close neighbors. As I grew old enough to reach the
stove, I joined in the magic of food preparation. Life took its
turns and I was confronted with the explosion of colors of the
open markets of France, the beauty and scent of which inspired
me to try new foods and better ingredients. And while learning
to pair dishes in a balanced way, I stumbled upon yoga. In
studying yoga, I was exposed to Ayurveda. My practice and
knowledge grew and it has become life to me. I attempted to
live without the techniques and suffered for it…and that’s how
this all began.

Sort of.

I was born in France but raised on the tiny Spanish island of
Ibiza in the Mediterranean Sea. The island is stunningly
beautiful and sparsely populated. It has always been a
nurturing Mother and a source of inspiration. Remote, pristine,
sandy beaches with warm, clear waters are never more than 10
minutes away. It is paradise and my sacred refuge where I go
each year to step back, recharge energies, recalibrate and
regain perspective.
Stress doesn’t grow very well on Ibiza and eventually it’s

...And now.

…And now.

choked out. This creates a better space for clearer thinking. I
do not take for granted just how blessed I am to have grown up
never experiencing many of the stressors that girls from other
cultures dealt with. The island’s culture and my family were
always open-minded, communal and understanding. I was
sheltered, but at the same time encouraged to learn and grow
with few boundaries. There was only one rule: treat yourself
and others with kindness and love, without judging. […]

Short Extract from the introduction of Yana Shala: Your Yoga with Yana Shala co-written by Ray Lee and myself.