We are all variably addicted

Who's not even slightly addicted to chocolate...?

Who’s not even slightly addicted to chocolate…?

Came across this article this morning, which inspired a personal reflection about ‘addictions’ – that I’m sharing here.


We all are addicted/strongly attached to some degree to something whether it’s physical and tangible, or emotional/mental, and the recovery process should be part of our lives at key moments where we need to reassess what is really needed and useful in our lives or what is detrimental or not at use. Unfortunately society tends to tag people or situations as healthy and unhealthy or sick, putting us in positive or negative categories, which creates a stigma around ‘on-going’ therapy and support – as if you had to be diagnosed as sick to need support and to work on yourself.

…Our society’s pre-conceptions and mentalities need to change through becoming aware of the primary fact that there’s not such a thing as perfection and that we all fluctuate through different states of health and wellbeing through our days and lives, and that the ultimate goal is not perfection or 100% health, but rather moving consciously along the fluctuations with awareness and doing the balancing work along the way, instead of denial and a need for an emergency vital fix.

What’s your balancing tool(s) for reassessing what you want, need or let go in your life? Please share and comment below, one of your tools might be a life saver or an ‘aha moment’ for somebody else.