5 Tips for a Healthier and Happier Holiday


Winter Tree

  • Avoid overdoing & excessive multitasking – One task at a time performed with mindfulness
  • Set boundaries with family and friends – Nurture your relationships, make room to spend quality time with loved ones, and learn to listen and better communicate, but know when to retire and step away
  • Eat a healthy seasonal diet – Natural fresh wholesome seasonal foods with lots of vegetables and good fats, sit to eat, avoid snacking and overeating, eat lighter healthy meals in between holiday meals
  • Take restful breaks during the day & sleep for real at night – Napping is a winner! take regular breaks to ‘stop and breathe’, take a short walk or contemplate in nature, disconnect early and get a restful night sleep, avoid watching the news or violent programs at night
  • Implement a ‘Me Time’ daily routine – Essential self-care, morning rituals to set the day (practice mindful breathing, journaling, meditation, morning walk), regular exercise, allow to receive (massage, aromatherapy, day at the spa, someone cooking for you…)

…And remember, YOU are the most important person in the World!