Manifest your Inner Teacher

Dear readers and friends,

About 4 years ago, after a period of thorough thinking and meditation, I made a personal and committed decision to take the next step in my yoga teaching: I would develop a teacher training program that would convey my experiential perspective and wholistic approach of yoga as a lifestyle. The process had to be freeing, empowering, transformational, playful, non denominational, open to evolution and change, with practical tools easy to implement in daily life.

Well, it took several years to cook it, gather a team who shared the same values and life principles, register the program and get approved by Yoga Alliance, to make it happen… And it’s happening end of March!

On March 27th, Yana Shala is launching its first advanced yoga studies and teacher training program. An eight module curriculum spread out through a 9 month process of evolution and manifestation. From the intention of manifesting your own inner teacher and personal voice, we’ll guide the student step by step through the different phases of exploration and development in a safe and nurturing environment. There’s no right, no wrong, no one method that fits all, but rather an opportunity to explore the right formula for you and your true uniqueness.  We’ll hold the space and time for you for that incredible inner journey of self-empowerment and discovery, providing you with an array of tools gathered from ancient and modern knowledge and modalities, applied to today’s world, including but not limited to, yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, and aromatherapy. Inspired by the Tantric tradition, the body and all your senses will be your fundamental instruments and field of exploration, learning and mastery.

I am excited beyond words – though slightly nervous too – as I’m about to embark a big adventure and journey with wonderful teachers to support me along with their amazing skills, talents and passion: thank you Barb Totzke, Shanti Webb, Celeste Larson, Michelle Bardwell and Ray Lee!

…It takes a community for dreams to happen: special thanks to Laura, Jennifer, and Eva for your support and precious help:)

From Seed to Harvest, 9 months of personal growth and manifestation

From Seed to Harvest, 9 month of personal growth and manifestation

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