Gardening Sadhana



I am sitting and just started listening to the opening satsang of Saul David Raye for his 21-Day Online Sadhana Practice: Love is Stronger Than Fear. Saul is talking about gathering in front of our personal altar, today I’m sitting outside on my porch for my morning practice and the garden is calling me…


I’ve neglected my dear garden and little sanctuary for all summer – and actually haven’t done much in it for most of this year, worried about or absorbed by other ‘important’ things. Though Nature in all forms has always been my spiritual refuge and gateway to Divine, spontaneously taking me deep within as I feel connected with Mother Earth, nurtured and loved in ways that I can rarely describe.


So this morning’s call felt special, urgent, impatient, obvious and clear. It’s time, as Saul explains our relationship to Nature, it is essential to honor Her as being part of me. And she’s calling me so strongly! I get up thinking I’ll pull a couple weeds that are in my vision field, so I can then peacefully return to my seat, less guilty, and focus on the satsang recording.


Instead, I spend almost two hours trance-ly absorbed by my eyes and hands moving from spot to spot, as I’m moved by the soothing and inspiring voice of Saul revealing our 21-day journey towards the Fall equinox. My garden starts opening up, and breathing as I release space and relieve plants from the suffocating weeds. Leaves look brighter and crispier, tiny flowers appear, soil aerates as I pull deep weed roots, bushes are regaining their shape like a fresh haircut, spacing between plants allows prana to flow again! Nature is showing gratitude in the snapshot of my lawn. The air is still and fresh in this early morning, and some bees and bugs are buzzing around keeping me company.


This is my sacred temple, the sanctuary to be with and in my Soul and to simply connect through all my senses to my Heart beat and therefore… to the Pulse of Life expressed in the manifest Shakti of Nature.


Sadhana and sacred space are often depicted as specific disciplined practices such as yoga asana, mantra chanting, meditation, reading holy scriptures and such, practiced within four walls in a specific setting and time.


Though it doesn’t have to be this way. If you truly believe we are all One, and everything is sacred and divine as described by most scriptures and spiritual philosophies, then your practice is set in simple daily life, in the tools, relationships, thoughts, activities you are already engaged in. Especially from the Tantric perspective, practicing awareness, mindfulness, being in the present moment, infusing every thought and action with intention and sacredness IS the practice.


… And that’s exactly what my garden had to share with me this morning, a moment of intimacy with myself as a Divine Soul who’s playing the Dance of Life.