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Natarajasana – Dancer Pose

Under “Hippiedou”, hides Douchka Lecot a 200-ERYT Yoga Alliance certified teacher with over 10-years of experience in yoga science. From Ayurveda, to nutrition, aromatherapy, and other modalities that intrigue me, I am an ‘eternal’ student constantly exploring and researching alternative therapies and techniques to help relieve aches and pains in today’s hectic world. I’m committed to my True Self mission of sharing yoga with others as a powerful Tool of Life.

In 2011, after 7 years teaching yoga community classes around town and a couple of workshops abroad, I took a big step forward and founded Yana Shala with the idea of developing yoga programs – workshops, retreats, seminars and other online venues, and a teacher training curriculum. Also a blogger, a translator and a yogini, Laura Tamayo is part of this adventure with me, which I feel honored and grateful for.

Summer of 2011, the Universe blessed me with an amazing Gift: a true life companion. Ray Lee came into my life, and we’ve been exploring since the depth of a relationship based on the Heart and the Spirit, growing on our life journey and learning TONS along the way.

Life is beautiful and so you are, dear reader.