Barb Totzke and myself are back to Sedona this year to celebrate SYF’s 5th anniversary with an amazing line-up of 108 presenters, musicians and healers of different modalities for a Consciousness (R)Evolution conference. Our Yana Shala signature class ‘Tantralizing Yoga’ is back this year at the festival with the aum-azing music beat of DJ Taz!

Tantralizing Yoga – Lead by Barb Totzke and Douchka with DJ Taz Rashid (Sunday March 12, 2 to 4 pm)

This Tantra-inspired class offers a unique experience in cultivating your Prana Shakti, the energy of Creation. First, ignite and cultivate your Agni (inner fire) in an upbeat energizing flow incorporating fire-building Tantric kriyas, transformational breath-work and chakra activation to unite Shiva and Shakti… And then let the sweet Soma nectar (lunar energy) soothe and cool you down in a Divinely relaxing savasana. Co-taught by Dallas-based Yana Shala teachers, Douchka Lecot and Barb Totzke, who harmoniously complement each other to guide you through the process and help you find that perfect balance of strength and softness, peacefulness and power, effort and ease, cleansing and rejuvenating… within the full awakening of your senses. Move, breathe and find your inner dance!

As an appetizer, get a feel for DJ Taz’s music, by clicking on the following links:

DJ Taz on Soundcloud

DJ Taz on Spotify

Eating Seasonally – Ayurvedic nutrition class presented by Douchka (Saturday March 11. 4:30 to 6 pm)

A strong and healthy body is not only supportive of your yoga practice, but beyond, it is key to your wellbeing. This session will give you a practical overview and understanding on how the inherent qualities and traits of foods, related to the five Ayurvedic elements, have an impact on your body and mind constitution. Based on these principles, you’ll learn how to make better nutritional choices based on your unique constitution, the season of year, and the stage of life you are in.

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Ibiza Retreats









It’s happening! Barb and I are taking a total of 15 lucky ones with us to my island. Two one-week retreats of 6 and 8 people each for a #yogacation in Ibiza, Spain.

An little snapshot of what to look forward to:

  • Outdoor yoga classes
  • Meditation
  • Ayurvedic self-care
  • Freshly Chef-prepared mediterranean food
  • Photo shooting,
  • Nature hikes
  • Island touring and exploration
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Sea, Sand and Sun… A full Tantric experience for the body, senses and soul the Ibiza freestyle!

Two dates, two options:

Shakti Goddess Retreat –  Sept 02 to 09 (*Women only)

Prana Tantra Retreat – Aug 26 to Sept 02 (Everybody welcome!)

!!!!Reserve your spot asap as space is limited!!!

More details to come soon:)

Manifest Your Inner Teacher

From Seed to Harvest, 9 month of personal growth and manifestation

From Seed to Harvest, 9 intensive weekends throughout 10 months of personal growth, self-empowerment and manifestation











This is the third year Barb and Douchka will be co-leading this unique program, along with another pool of amazing guest teachers and collaborators. The program keeps on growing, evolving and changing to the course of external events and to the energy of the group of participants that are taking this ride on any given year. At its very core, it is the same toolkit of amazing time-proven teachings, techniques and life tools, though it manifests and expresses itself through different angles and perspectives guided and inspired by the community specific needs on any given year, month or weekend session. It is truly a living entity!

Catering to this year’s unusual, unexpected and soul-shaking external events in our local, national and global community, this year’s Sankalpa – intention offered by the two co-leaders of this program, Barb Totzke and myself – is to open a three-path track for our Community. You can take this 9-month program from three different perspectives, depending on where you are in life and what YOU need to support your body-mind-spirit, your goals and true needs this year:

  • The Spiritual Seeker or Wandering Soul – Consciously or not yet that strongly, you feel or sense there’s something deeper in you and beyond you that you want to explore, touch, reveal.  You may have questions, doubts about who you are, what’s next, why you are when you are and what full potential looks like, or curiosity to tap and dig deeper within and connect to Your Self.
  • The Teacher – You’ve been practicing some form of Yoga (not limited to yoga asanas) for a while, you have experienced the benefits of this ‘technology’ and you have a calling: to be a teacher, to help others by sharing your tools and experience and giving back. You want to be Yoga Alliance Certified, so all doors can open to you to start teaching after completing this program.
  • The YanaShalee* – You’ve already taken this program at least once, and you want to come back, explore a different perspective, dive deeper, and be part of this year’s adventure as a witness, a brother or sister, and a mentor for those going through this process for the first time.

*This path includes those of you who are already yoga teachers, and feel the need to reconnect to or deepen their own practice.

At the root, we are all Spiritual Seekers wanting to find our way back hOMe, and today’s world and times are extremely challenging darkening the path and layers towards that Light. We all need sacred space, time and support from each other to gather and do the work, to open up and clear our inner roads, so we can reflect that enlightened map back onto others.


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