My Yoga Class Schedule

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April 2018 schedule, description and locations

This month’s special and on-going events:

You can now take this 9-module program from three different perspectives (The Spiritual Seeker, The Aspiring Teacher and the YanaShalee), depending on where you are in life and what YOU need to support your body-mind-spirit, your goals and true needs this year.

Yana Shala’s advanced yoga and ayurveda studies program is an 9-module syllabus spread over 10 months, during which you’ll progress and grow from Seed to Harvest completing a full cycle of manifestation. Barb Totzke and myself are co-leading the program, and holding the space and time for the students to play, experience and learn. Each weekend module takes place at Divine Sight Healing Arts studio. A few classes are open to all public. Check out more details about this amazing life-changing program:  Manifest Your Inner Teacher and follow Yana Shala on Facebook to stay updated on the latest news.

  • Deepening Ayurvedic Studies: Advanced Aromatherapy, Medicinal Plants and Ayudoula Trainings
    In 2016, I went back to school and embarked onto a year of deepening my studies in Ayurveda, applied to aromatherapy and to doula practices. To help me finance my journey, I launched a GoFundMe campaign and I’m extremely thankful for all of you who believe in my work, and contributed to my funding. Over a year has passed, and I’m still studying! I am now taking on a new route of exploration and study for this end of year for a water modality I’ve been introduced to and experienced this summer in Ibiza, and that I want to add to my toolkit, and introduce in Texas! Stay tuned for a more detailed report and post to talk more in depth about this past year’s learnings and the new to come;)

Among the trainings I’ve received:

Though my priorities have shifted – based on my current teachings and what is needed for my Yana Shala community and programs, I’m keeping Ayudoula Level 1 of Sacred Window on my wish list

If you feel inspired to contribute to my studies, please donate through my GoFundMe campaign. The donated money will be used towards the fees and materials for these trainings.

Regular Weekly Schedule:

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This class is tailored to seasoned yoga students committed to their practice. Offering a wholistic approach – that includes yoga philosophy and values, pranayama (breathing techniques), bandhas (internal locks), alignment in asanas (physical poses), mind-training towards strong focus and one-pointedness, and ultimately meditation – in order to embrace and cultivate yoga as a tool of life, on and off the mat in our daily life.

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This class starts with pranayama (breathing) techniques and gentle movement warm-up to open up the body for the dynamic asana sequencing that follows. Deep stretching ‘yin-yoga style’, inversions and meditation make the last third of the session, to close with an integrating and grounding deep relaxation. Each class takes into consideration the outer environment (weather, time of year and day etc.) and adjusts accordingly the offering based on Ayurveda’s principles. Open to all-levels, breathing techniques and asana variations are offered for beginners.


This is the ideal weekly ‘wellness date night’:

– First a 90-minute Pranic Flow at Studio 4 in Oak Cliff, and after
– Enjoy a bowl of fresh homemade soup and a slice of yummy bread at Douchka’s down the street.

The whole deal for only $20!

The combo package requires prepayment to confirm attendance and make sure there’s enough soup and bread for everyone. Please use the Paypal link below to reserve your spot:

About Pranic Flow (see the description above)

About the Soup:
Soup recipes are homemade, varying per season of the year and weather, according to the Ayurvedic principles.


  • Sundays 10:30 – 12:00 pm — Tantralizing Yoga at Divine Sight Healing Arts (alternating teaching with Barb Totzke and Zed Zaremba) and co-taught with Barb a couple times a month! I’m usually teaching the first weekend of the month, and co-teaching with Barb on the 4th and/or 5th weekend when available. Drop-in: $20

Tantra-inspired flow for everybody.  Each Sunday morning class offers a unique experience in cultivating your Shakti energy.  Come explore an upbeat energizing flow incorporating transformational breath-work and chakra stimulation.  Taught on a rotational basis, each teacher brings their own take on helping you find that perfect balance of strength and softness, peacefulness and power, effort and ease, cleansing and rejuvenating.  Move, breathe and find your inner dance with us!

One-on-One Yoga or Small Group Yoga:

    • If you – or somebody you know – are looking for guidance for a more individualized yoga practice or a customized routine in a small class setting that allows more of a “one on one” work based on individual needs, please feel free to contact me.