Positive thoughts create energy

          The longer we are able to hold a positive thought,¬†the stronger that energy around us becomes. – DailyOM August 1, 2014 Advertisements

Carrot Fennel Soup

    A couple of weeks ago after digging into my fridge for some inspiration – based on available ingredients – I came up with this light, flavorful, refreshing, easy-to-make, vegetable cream ideal… Continue reading

Spring Beet and Farro Salad

It’s Spring Time! After a pretty long and cold winter in Texas (ok, it’s not cold as northern parts of the country, but we’re not used to it!), finally the Spring buds are… Continue reading

Tom Kha Gai Soup

Tom Kha Gai is one of Ray’s favorite soups, and he had been asking me for a while to try making some at home. Today was the day! I decided to take the… Continue reading

Winter Cleanse and Rejuvenation

Most of us start the New Year with good resolutions aiming to a change in our life wether it is to be healthier, to learn something new, to find balance, to change jobs,… Continue reading

Fall Urban Retreat with Yana Shala

Next weekend, I’ll be presenting our ¬†first Urban Retreat by Yana Shala and Tsada Yoga. This is an innovative concept born of a summer brainstorm in the park with my boyfriend Ray. Our… Continue reading

The Dosha Clock

What if you could increase the productivity and enhance the flow of your days, with less stress, more focus, a greater sense of achievement and success? That’s what the Dosha Clock can help… Continue reading

Back Pain and Psoas

A few days ago, my friend and business partner Laura shared with me that lately she had been suffering daily and acutely from lower back pain. She had complained to me before (actually… Continue reading

Summer Cream of Squash

This past few weeks between my Urban Acres veggies, and what my garden bountiful produces, I’m having an abundance of squashes, all kinds, sizes and colors! After eating them in stir-fry, stews, salads,… Continue reading

Choose your Attitude

Originally posted on rainbowinmyclouds:
Happiness comes from the way we react to things, thoughts, events, people… The choice is all ours, and the perspectives of a reality are as many as there are individuals to perceive it.… Continue reading