Rachelle’s Bite of Life

A day or so maybe more I don’t ashore of the warmth of your skin is a distant glimpse of where we have been Warm memory vaporizing to the sky leaving with it… Continue reading

Anchors of Gravity

Inspired by the principles of alignment of Anusara Yoga, I’ve refined my practice through the past few years by using gravity and an internal heavy “ball” – that rolls and shifts from asana… Continue reading

3 Breathing Exercises for a Better Health

[For a larger file view, please click on the following link: 3 Breath Techniques] Mastering the breath (Pranayama) is one of the main techniques and tools in Yoga, and personally I believe this is… Continue reading

Jalapeño Pesto

A few days ago, as we were saying goodbye to one of our dear yoga teachers – who’s moving to Colorado… we’ll miss you Sally Kate! – I was introduced by Barb to… Continue reading

Dancing in a Dream…

My dear friend Rachelle who has a contagious laugh and smile, and a strong Love for life (and all its pleasures) and people (and all expressions of relationships), shared this beautiful poem as… Continue reading

Mindfulness at Work


In the Bin – Sautéed Green Beans and Shiitake Mushrooms

This winter Urban Acres has been providing us with yummy shiitake mushrooms, organically grown in Texas, and absolutely delicious in any recipe. I finished my last batch today at lunch in an easy… Continue reading

Essential Kitchen Tools for Healthy and Practical Cooking

For those who love cooking, the kitchen can become clogged by utensils and tools that we once had a crush on and thought they’d change our lives, but that in reality we barely… Continue reading

In the Bin – Roasted Winter Vegetables

Since I’ve been a member or Urban Acres Coop, I’ve seen, experienced with and eaten a variety of vegetables that I had never tasted nor cooked before. One of those has a funny German… Continue reading

15-Minute Wellness Yoga Practice

One of the major excuses that most students give for not having a home practice is the lack of time. As yoga practitioners, we tend to think that if we don’t have a… Continue reading