Cooking for Meditation

The common idea we come across when thinking about meditation, is the image of a peaceful cross-legged seated Buddha or yogi with perfect posture and a zen relaxed face. Reality is meditation can… Continue reading

Warm Rice Salad

Last week me and Ray got to spend a few days in Galveston with my dear friend Irma who owns a precious beach house, just steps way from the beach! Between work projects… Continue reading

The Winter Blues and Black Spruce

An unexpected and unwanted guest might visit us in the fall or winter. The decrease of day light, the lack of sun, the cold, staying indoors, the tendency to be less physically active… Continue reading

How to Make a Spanish Tortilla …with Veggie Pulp by Ray Lee

Last week my boyfriend was learning online tips and tricks on how to create, post, and promote videos on YouTube, as he’s planning and working a couple of new blog/website projects. After a… Continue reading

Oatmeal and Coconut Cookies with Natural Sweeteners

In the past few years – and more so, months – I’ve researched, explored and tried different natural sweeteners as an alternative to sugar. And I finally posted the results of my personal… Continue reading

Coconut Sugar, Xylitol, Stevia… All natural powdered sweeteners

Fascinated by nutrition and its healing power, I’m always researching on the effects of specific foods on the body. Knowing that so many people, and many close to me, suffer from the negative… Continue reading

Honey, Maple Syrup, Agave Nectar… All natural liquid sweeteners

In my last posting, I recommended to avoid consuming refined sugar and switch to other natural sweeteners to improve your health, or at least reduce the risks of suffering some illness linked to… Continue reading

Honey, Maple Syrup, Xylitol, Coconut Palm Sugar, Stevia … all Natural Sweeteners

There’s probably a health threatening common product in your pantry… White sugar! It’s no news anymore that some of the biggest health issues in modern developed countries are caused by our addiction to… Continue reading

Hard Wheat Berries and Bean Salad

This week I started cooking for my friend Shelley, to help her reach her health and fitnessĀ goals – she’ll be participating in a few weeks to a 3-day walk for a cause (I’ll… Continue reading

A view on religion

          This posting came to me through a friend’s Shared Post originally from ShamanTube. It immediately clicked with me as a simple yet beautiful description of Life … so… Continue reading