About Clary Sage…

Even though among the YANA acronym is the word Aromatherapy, I realize I haven’t posted much in that category… As I read today this article by Shoshana Spa, I thought this could be… Continue reading

Summer Beet and Cucumber Salad

Summer in Texas can get really, really… seriously, really hot! I hadn’t experienced it for the last few years, as I usually spend my summers in Ibiza, Spain, but this year I’m EXPERIENCING… Continue reading

Ayurvedic Homemade Moisturizers

          This is the extract of an article published on life spa.com: Ayurvedic Home Skin Care Recipes by Dr. John Douillard […] Choose the moisturizer below based on your overall… Continue reading

Ayurvedic Books and Resources

First of all, a BIG ‘Thank You‘ to Michele, Ron, Barb, Mari Carmen, Helene, Caryn, LeAnna, Weily, Jassmon, Karen, Julie and Tess, to make this retreat happen: Without participants there couldn’t be a… Continue reading

Yana Yoga Retreat in the Pines

At the end of March this year, I had the privileged to attend a Mini Yoga Retreat for teachers at a very unique location near Minneola, Texas. Winter is not quite my favorite… Continue reading

Flowing with the cycles of Nature

Flowing with the cycles of Nature means to adapt our food, yoga practice, and daily routines to the season: http://ow.ly/aEOkQ

5 Spices for Spring

During Spring (Kapha season in Ayurveda) favor the following flavors: Pungent, Bitter and Astringent. Adding spices with these characteristics to your daily foods and cooking, will help balance the body, increasing metabolism, improving… Continue reading

Winter Coleslaw

After several months of cabbage, cabbage and more cabbage in my Urban Acres coop bin, a dear friend and neighbor, Larry, gave me a tip on how to prepare cabbage for cole slaw,… Continue reading

Yoga Anatomy

Paying close attention to anatomy, and stressing out the importance of alignment is an essential ingredient of both my yoga teaching and my practice, to keep our body safely healthy. That’s why good… Continue reading

Late Fall and Winter Routine

Less daylight, trees lose their leaves, weather changes towards cold and windy… in Ayurveda, it’s Vata season! If you are like me, this is definitely not your favorite time of the year! Where’s… Continue reading