The Challenge Keeps on Going

[…] Here are my Yogathon updates: Day 4 – Started my day well by teaching a Heart Flow at Tranquilo. My day was greatly energized and led me, my dear friend and business… Continue reading

Special Yoga Event in Oak Cliff

Let me share with you a very cool concept and event that’ll take place at Tranquilo, one of the studio I teach at, in Oak Cliff. Here are the details: “Growth Life Studio… Continue reading

30 Day Yogathon

One of the studios I’m teaching at ( in Dallas) launched on January 1st for the second time an awesome initiative to kick off the year: a 30-day Yogathon! The most difficult thing… Continue reading

15 Minute Daily Meditation through the phone at 9:30pm US CST

Happy New Year and Welcome 2011! Give a new start to your life: Nurture and love your Self as you discover and connect to your True Innerself through meditation. Initiate a wonderful awareness… Continue reading


Happy Holiday Season! As we are experiencing the change of season from fall to winter, and our Vata disturbances can create some turmoil in our lives – both internally in our emotional and… Continue reading

Joyful Belly Ayurveda – Facebook and Website

It’s been a while, a looooooong “while” actually since my last posting. So many events and things happening, some more joyful than others, but life is still and always beautiful, and full of… Continue reading

Ayurveda and Allergies – By Lissa Coffey

Yes, I know, I haven’t been as blog “productive” as I’d like in the past couple of months… Work, stress, life changes etc, so many [probably bad] excuses! But anyways, I still think… Continue reading

From Winter to Spring… transitioning

Transitioning between seasons may be challenging as it can in our personal life. But it can also be exciting and very rewarding, after some storms of uncertainty we come to a place of… Continue reading

Ginger Properties and Recipe

Ginger and Kapha Ginger breaks up congestion, improves circulation and burns ama (toxins). For congestion on the back of the throat make a syrup with ginger juice, honey, turmeric and black pepper. Slowly… Continue reading

10 Top Proven Weight Loss Tips – By Dr Douillard

I just received Dr Douillard’s newsletter… I’m definitely not a “weight loss diet” believer, in my opinion, an on-going healthy balanced diet is the way to go . But nevertheless we should be aware that some foods… Continue reading