Ginger Properties and Recipe

Ginger and Kapha Ginger breaks up congestion, improves circulation and burns ama (toxins). For congestion on the back of the throat make a syrup with ginger juice, honey, turmeric and black pepper. Slowly… Continue reading

10 Top Proven Weight Loss Tips – By Dr Douillard

I just received Dr Douillard’s newsletter… I’m definitely not a “weight loss diet” believer, in my opinion, an on-going healthy balanced diet is the way to go . But nevertheless we should be aware that some foods… Continue reading

Eating Organic and Local

Based on my experience and personal observation, it’s my true belief that in order to attain and maintain good health, we need to start with good food prepared with fresh and seasonal organic… Continue reading

Ayurvedic Mantras

Ayurvedic Mantras Meditation is one of the main aims and tools in yoga to help us reach Samadhi* (“ectasy”), the final stage of the eight limbs in the path of yoga as described… Continue reading

The Five Elements

Ayurveda is based on the principle that anything and everything is made of a combination of five elements: space – or ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements have certain qualities, atributes,… Continue reading

Bringing all your senses into the ritual of eating

Several cultures, including Indian, use hands to eat their food. As a general statement, this can be explained as a way to “connect” all the senses to the sacred ritual of nourishing your… Continue reading

Vata Season – Winter Grocery List

It is Vata season, or at least in Texas, which translates into a cold, dry and sometimes windy weather. And we all know a lot about it this year! Here are some insights… Continue reading

Yoga and addiction

A few days ago as I was flipping the last days of my “365 Daily Yoga Meditations” calendar, I found this thought to reflect on, and I’d like to share it with you,… Continue reading

Ayurveda and the Doshas – Definition

By Phylameana lila Desy, Guide Ayurveda, ancient medical/holistic system from the vedic civilization of India, teaches that health is maintained by the balancing of three subtle energies known as Doshas – individually they… Continue reading

What’s your Dosha…?

What’s your Dosha…? Before I start explaining what Ayurveda is and how this Ancient Indian preventive medicine system works, the best start is to take one -or better, all – of the following… Continue reading