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Minty Spaghetti Squash

Reconnecting today with my blog after soooooo long, to keep and share an improvised recipe very attuned with the Fall season. A simple recipe enhanced with fresh herbs and some spices for a… Continue reading

Ayurvedic Spiced Nut Milk

The Spring time ayurvedically speaking is the season of year ruled by Kapha dosha and the elements of Water and Earth. Spring is the season for shedding, cleansing, and letting go of anything… Continue reading

Fall Urban Retreat with Yana Shala

Next weekend, I’ll be presenting our ¬†first Urban Retreat by Yana Shala and Tsada Yoga. This is an innovative concept born of a summer brainstorm in the park with my boyfriend Ray. Our… Continue reading

The Dosha Clock

What if you could increase the productivity and enhance the flow of your days, with less stress, more focus, a greater sense of achievement and success? That’s what the Dosha Clock can help… Continue reading

In the Bin – Roasted Winter Vegetables

Since I’ve been a member or¬†Urban Acres Coop, I’ve seen, experienced with and eaten a variety of vegetables that I had never tasted nor cooked before. One of those has a funny German… Continue reading

Yana Yoga Retreat in the Pines

At the end of March this year, I had the privileged to attend a Mini Yoga Retreat for teachers at a very unique location near Minneola, Texas. Winter is not quite my favorite… Continue reading

Late Fall and Winter Routine

Less daylight, trees lose their leaves, weather changes towards cold and windy… in Ayurveda, it’s Vata season! If you are like me, this is definitely not your favorite time of the year! Where’s… Continue reading

Ginger Properties and Recipe

Ginger and Kapha Ginger breaks up congestion, improves circulation and burns ama (toxins). For congestion on the back of the throat make a syrup with ginger juice, honey, turmeric and black pepper. Slowly… Continue reading