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Ayurvedic Spiced Nut Milk

The Spring time ayurvedically speaking is the season of year ruled by Kapha dosha and the elements of Water and Earth. Spring is the season for shedding, cleansing, and letting go of anything… Continue reading

Spring Beet and Farro Salad

It’s Spring Time! After a pretty long and cold winter in Texas (ok, it’s not cold as northern parts of the country, but we’re not used to it!), finally the Spring buds are… Continue reading

Ayurveda and Allergies – By Lissa Coffey

Yes, I know, I haven’t been as blog “productive” as I’d like in the past couple of months… Work, stress, life changes etc, so many [probably bad] excuses! But anyways, I still think… Continue reading

From Winter to Spring… transitioning

Transitioning between seasons may be challenging as it can in our personal life. But it can also be exciting and very rewarding, after some storms of uncertainty we come to a place of… Continue reading

Ginger Properties and Recipe

Ginger and Kapha Ginger breaks up congestion, improves circulation and burns ama (toxins). For congestion on the back of the throat make a syrup with ginger juice, honey, turmeric and black pepper. Slowly… Continue reading