Life Balance... Body, Mind, Spirit

Let’s bring all pieces together: Mind…Body…Spirit to thrive and shine

What’s YogAyurLife?

Three simple words Yoga + Ayurveda + Lifestyle… Also phonetically it can be read as: Yoga your life! Quite a call for action;)

In brief though, a wholistic, thorough, comprehensive, expansive, adaptable system customized to the specific needs of each individual to help you built and maintain balance, meaning, purpose, health and joy in life.

After years of experimenting with myself – implementing and practicing principles and techniques from Yoga, Ayurveda and other disciplines – and sharing those insights, experiences and tools with friends, family and students who would ask for advise, and based on the amazing results on me and others, I decided it was time to offer it to the world! … And YogAyurLife* was born.

*YogAyurLife’s website is currently under a creative brainstorm and hopefully soon to be launched to unveil these and more details.

What can I do for you?

I’ll create for you a customized platform, framework and process that consists of various techniques and practices – including but not limited to, nutrition, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, daily routines, time and skills management – to allow you to embrace who you are, discover who you are really meant to be, meet your needs, and to consciously create the life you want to live. As you start working with me, the pieces of your own puzzle will come together providing a map and a structure for you to thrive. Added bonus: you may experience more energy, more motivation, more clarity of mind, more health, more inner balance, more confidence, and mucho MORE… in brief, more fun and joy in your daily life, and less struggle to get ‘there’ – wherever there is for you.

What to expect from me?

Trust, understanding, compassion, respect, privacy and confidentiality, as well as my personal commitment to hold a non-judgmental, open minded, caring, nurturing and loving space for you to heal, play and thrive.

What’s expected from you?

True commitment to yourself – and eventually to our work together, effort and consistency to do the work, taking action and full responsibility for your own life, dreams and achievements.

Who am I ?

Me (a few years ago, but I love this BW pic)

Officially and for the record, I’m a E-RYT 200 hours yoga teacher registered with the Yoga Alliance and I’ve been teaching yoga (asana, pranayama, meditation) for over 12 years. I also graduated as an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist from the Himalayan Institute.

But the real story here, is my personal journey and experience in and with life.

With a Russian name (Douchka), I was born of a French family and raised in the countryside and on the beaches of the tiny Mediterranean island of Ibiza, Spain. As it is pretty common in Europe, I speak a few languages and grew up in a multicultural environment with lots of different and amazing traditions. Oh, and I’m currently living in Dallas, Texas.

As a naturally curious being, since young age and for years, I’ve searched, explored, tried, implemented, adopted, let go… searched again, explored, tried, implemented, set aside… searched again, explored, tried, not implemented, switched, upgraded… a variety of so many tools I played with in cycles of use/non use.

And this is exactly what I keep on doing through the changes and seasons, the ebbs and flows of my own life. And it works!

I’ve learned from multiple teachers, philosophies, curiosities, interests, passions, schools, human beings (those are the most precious teachings) in different cultures and countries. I met and made friends with my Inner Teacher that has always been an essential guide – when I do listen to her (I truly believe my Inner Teacher is a beautiful, powerful, caring and nurturing woman)… and started trusting Intuition as a way to connect to my Higher Self.

I am and have been a yoga practitioner forever – part of my life even unconsciously – as I personally define yoga as flowing with life, nature and the universe as harmoniously and in sync as possible, through all areas of life.  I’ve lived and shared my experiences and those tools that worked, work now and might work in the future for me, with others: friends, family, students, neighbors, strangers…

I’m constantly growing, evolving and learning, and hopefully will keep on doing so till my last breath on Earth.

So through the years, I just naturally became who I am today as people – starting by close friends – would come to me for advice, to share their doubts, talk about their dreams, see themselves through a human mirror who they could relate to, without judging nor expectations. Sharing and working on yourself in a safe environment is where it starts. It is a very simple act, that allows us to release the burdens we carry. It gives a sense of lightness and freedom and it starts opening an inner door to possibilities.

If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, or if you want some guidance and support to progress smoother towards your goals, there are many different tools and perspectives for you to discover and connect to your true purpose in life, or overcome with more ease and awareness the obstacles on your path.

Feel free to contact me for an initial consultation at no charge:)